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Community Outreach

Since 2008, The J.C. Coleman Foundation has utilized some of its annual budget to benefit members of our community who are in need during the holiday season. Every year around the middle of December, our foundation sets aside approximately $2000.00 for our annual Christmas Outreach Program.

During that time, we purchase items for children of families in need to ensure that their Christmas is the best it can be. In 2011, we donated nearly $1400 worth of books, toys, games and other learning materials to The West Broad Street YMCA’s 30th annual Miracle on May Street event. During the event, The West Broad Street YMCA was able to gather enough donations and merchandise to serve over 800 people.

In addition to toys and other items for children, The J.C. Coleman Foundation purchases shirts, pants, underwear (thermal and regular), ponchos, socks, gloves and beanies for a frequently overlooked demographic of our community; The homeless. Each year, those items have been hand delivered, by our Program Director, to the many individuals living on Savannah’s streets.

We are honored to be a part of this community. The J.C. Coleman Foundation donates these goods with pleasure and it is our intention to continue for years to come. By doing so, we will be joining hands with countless others who make it their business to take care of the city that takes care of them.