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Grant Information

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Grant Information

  • Grant applications can be submitted throughout the year.
  • Grant applications are reviewed by the staff when they are received.
  • We will respond to you via e-mail, letting you know your grant application has been received.
  • Grant applications are then reviewed by the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.
  • Applicants will be notified of the Board of Directors' decision by letter.
  • Grants are awarded for a single year. We require renewal applications to be submitted if the project is to extend beyond its allotted time.
  • All grant recipients will be required to return quarterly reports through the duration of the funding period.
  • If your organization has been turned down, you may reapply as soon as you wish.
  • Even though we do assist with general operation expenses, we are more interested in assisting with specific projects and programs.
  • The amount requested depends on your specific project’s or program’s needs, but there’s no guarantee that you will receive the full amount requested.
  • If you are turned down for a grant, we can tell you in general terms what happened with your grant, but we will not be able to go over the grant application with you and tell you which parts were problematic.

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